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2016 Hyosung GT250R (00965)




Hyosung GD250R and GT250R

Distinct differences give you a different riding experience.

For commuting and longer distance riding and Larger riders, the GT250R is the better bike.

For tight twisty roads, track use and a super light flick-able feel the GD250R is the better bike.

The GT250R is built on a 650 platform, with larger forks, massive dual disk front breaks and a larger tank for more range, this give the bike a more planted feel on the highway, as good as a 650 would feel. The bike is also larger with a larger and more comfortable seat for rider and passenger making an all-day ride much more comfortable, and for the larger rider you will find more room in the cockpit.

The motors are completely different:

The GT250 is a V twin and is smooth thought the rev range, and power is linear as well.

The GD250 is a single cylinder and has a bit more vibration when compared to the GT, and power comes on at a bit higher RPM.

Both bikes have a more Street oriented power curve when compared to a Ninja 300, R3 or KTM390. This is a BIG plus as you have power at 3K RPM as compared to 6 or 9K rpm on the other bikes. (This is the compromise, you can get more power from a bike that makes its power at 12-14K RPM but you sacrifice street performance and power off the line) I feel its better for a street bike to have power lower in the RPM range where you spend the majority of your time riding. Its better in traffic and pulling away from stop lights, and makes cruising down the freeway much more pleasant!

The GD250 is an all new platform, with lighter wheels, a single massive break disk in the front, with breaded break lines, and an all new swing arm that adds rigidity and a better cornering feel. And the full package is compact and sporty, and quality is top notch. 

The GT250R MSRP is $4,199 plus Freight and setup

The GD250R MSRP is $4,099 plus Freight and setup

($2,500) At Tin Roof CycleWorks the Hyosung GD and GT are available for a limited time for $2,500 plus tax and DMV/registration, (NO added fees) there are only a limited number of bikes at this price.